Q: How can I apply with Anchor Staffing?

A: Applicants interested in a specific position featured on our website can click the appropriate link to submit an application and resume.  If you are interested in registering for opportunities that may be available in the future, click on one of the general catagories on the Employee page to submit an application.  All applications must be complete in order to be considered.

Q: Do I need a resume?

A: Yes, we require all applicants to have an updated resume either at the time of submitting an application or prior to your interview with one of our Staffing Coordinators.

Q: What happens after I apply online?

A: All candidates who submit an online application are reviewed by our Staffing Coordinators, after the initial review only candidates who meet the basic qualifications for employment will be called for a brief phone interview.  If all of the preliminary requirements are met you will be invited to one of our offices for an interview.

Q: Is there testing involved during the interview process?

A: Depending on the position you are interviewing for, Anchor administers computerized evaluations based on the skills required for the position.  Additional evaluations may be administered based on previous work experience and acquired skills.

Q:  How long will the interview take?

A: You should allow at least an hour and a half for the entire interview process.

Q: What should I bring to the interview?

A: You should bring a clean copy of your resume (not folded or written on) and two forms of identification.

Q: Does Anchor do criminal background checks?

A: Yes, all of our clients require criminal background checks for prospective employees so each candidate is subjected to a comprehensive background check that will include state and federal searches.

Q: Will Anchor still send me out on assignment if I have criminal activity that is older than seven years?

A: No, Anchor’s policy is that you cannot have any blemishes on your record at all the be considered for employment.  This includes felonies and/or misdemeanors even if the cases were dismissed.

Q: How long will it be before I get an assignment from Anchor?

A: Anchor Staffing cannot guarantee employment.  Employment is dictated by our clients and their specific requirements, we are not an employment agency because we do not seek employment for you, we look for qualified candidates with the skills that fit our customers requirements.